Monday, April 18, 2016

NPC! Noisy Person Cards now on Kickstarter!Your pal Sean...

NPC! Noisy Person Cards now on Kickstarter!

Your pal Sean contributed art to this cool card-game now funding on Kickstarter. From the creators:

Noisy Person Cards (NPC) is a party game designed to help people develop new character voices for roleplaying games. If you’re looking to take your role playing to the next level, have a passing interest in voice acting, or want to get some laughs in while killing time before a game, NPC belongs at your table!
The core set of Noisy Person Cards comes with 100 unique Character Cards and 500 hilarious Phrase Cards!

One Shot and Campaign are great, and Kat and James are great. I was over the moon when they approached me to contribute. So check out the campaign, why not?

*Kobold art on this post by Kevin Budnik.

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