Monday, March 23, 2015

Camp Weedonwantcha is on Kickstarter

This is a photo not a video. Click to go to the kickstarter page

Hey. HEY!!! My real good pal Katie is kickstarting volume one of her AWESOME comic, CAMP WEEDONWANTCHA. They’re almost to $80,000. If they hit $80,000, a bunch of guest artists make comics, including Abby Howard (Last Halloween), Tavis Maiden (Tenko King) and oh oh and ME! ME I GET TO DO ONE TOO!!! So let’s push this over the top! OVER THE TOP!

Camp Weedonwantcha: Volume 1 - A book collecting the first year of the webcomic Camp Weedonwantcha! -

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Thursday! The week is almost done but this little goblin is hiding until the weekend in this tree stump. Oh what’s that? You didn’t even see a goblin until I mentioned it? Well it is a good disguise.