Monday, October 20, 2014

I am collaborating with the unstoppable Leia Weathington on a erotic fantasy comic for the erotic fantasy collection Armorous, now on kickstarter!!! Armorous collects the most sexy, spookiest, outrageous comics of medieval mischief! Adult fantasy short stories like you want them! Below is an exclusive preview page from our upcoming comic! Donate and help us make this collection a reality! There are still lots of commission slots open, too!!! BACK IT!!! BACK IT!!! BACK IT!!! comics, comic, kickstarter, comic book, erotic, porn, xxx, nsfw, erotic comics, man on man, dwarf, dwarves, dwarfs, elfs, elves, fantasy, medieval, fantasy comics, dnd, DND shit, dnd 3.5, Dungeons and Dragons, kick starter, funding, fundraiser, fund our smut, black and white, art, art on tumblr, hairwashing

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